Estate Tax Update for 2011?

For those individuals with estates in excess of $1 million, the changes that were enacted on December 17, 2010 are very good news. […]

My Customer Just Filed for Bankruptcy! Now What?

If a chapter 11 was filed this means that your customer wants to reorganize with the protections and benefits of the US Bankruptcy code and continue in business (think General Motors). […]

No will? What Happens?

If you have not written a will of your own, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has written one for you. Either your will or if you did not write one (and execute it properly) the will the Commonwealth has prepared for you controls what happens to your probate assets. A probate asset is any asset […]

Five Common Mistakes Made by Business Owners

Over my 20+ years of practicing law I have seen some common mistakes made by business owners. The following is a list of five common mistakes.

Failing to operate as an entity. If you go to the trouble and set up a corporation or a limited liability company (“LLC”) you need to […]