Buying Real Estate – Important Points to Protect Your Interests


If you are at all involved in the residential real estate market you are aware that residential real estate market is now the strongest it has been in the past few years. Houses are listed on the market and under agreement for sale in just a few days at or above the asking […]

Don’t Get Scammed – A Must Read for Home Owners

The letter tries to take advantage of people who do not know where they can get a copy of their deed or how much it costs. […]

Estate Planning and My House (or my parents’ house) – What are the Options?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked by my estate planning clients is what they should do with their home? The main concern is usually protecting their house if they go into a nursing home. I first wrote about this a couple of years ago and with this blog post I want […]

A Trap for the Unwary: Debt Forgiveness is Income

If you owe money and your debt is “forgiven” (i.e. written off or reduced) by your creditor, this reduction in debt is considered taxable income to you. Really? Yes – in most cases this is true and is something that most people don’t know. The following is a typical conversation I have with prospective […]

A Mortgage Loan Modification – What is it? Can it help you?

If you are behind on your mortgage or if you are barely able to make your monthly mortgage payment you should consider contacting your mortgage company to ask about a mortgage modification. What exactly is a modification? Simply put, a modification is an agreement you reach with your lender that allows you to modify […]