Don’t Get Scammed – A Must Read for Home Owners

The letter tries to take advantage of people who do not know where they can get a copy of their deed or how much it costs. […]

Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?

Being prepared is not something you do for yourself, being prepared is something you do for those you love. […]

New Year Business Check-Up – Six Essential Items to Review

The beginning of the year is a great time to stop and evaluate the operation of your business. I know a HVAC guy who always says that 50% or more of the problems he sees are related to the lack of maintenance. In many respects the same can be said for legal issues […]

A Trap for the Unwary: Debt Forgiveness is Income

If you owe money and your debt is “forgiven” (i.e. written off or reduced) by your creditor, this reduction in debt is considered taxable income to you. Really? Yes – in most cases this is true and is something that most people don’t know. The following is a typical conversation I have with prospective […]

Corporate Annual Reports: Don’t Be Deceived!

Each year around this time I hear of someone who has received a very cleverly worded letter in an official looking envelope that appears to be from the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office. To keep from being tricked please read on.

If you own a corporation in the Commonwealth of […]