A Practical Guide to Avoiding Common Business Mistakes

I have been blogging now for more than two years and this is the second time I have addressed this topic. The first time, back in 2010, I listed five mistakes I had regularly seen made. While my earlier blog post is still accurate and relevant – the following is a […]

Buying Real Estate? 7 Important Points to Consider Before You Make that Purchase

Buying real estate is the single largest investment many people will make. Whether it is a home for their family or commercial property for the operation of a business, the important points to consider are largely the same. Below is a list of the 7 points you should consider before you make that purchase. […]

I just got sued! Now what? 6 Steps to Deal with a Lawsuit

Nobody likes to be the defendant in a lawsuit but sometimes you have no choice. I work with clients who have been sued and who have also filed a lawsuit. Typically, filing a lawsuit means that efforts to resolve the matter outside of court have failed. You may have received a demand in the […]

Corporate/LLC Compliance: What to do? What to watch out for?

If you have a Massachusetts corporation or limited liability company (“LLC”) there are certain actions that you need to take on an annual basis to make sure your corporation or LLC is in good standing with the Secretary of State’s office. Why is it important that your corporation or LLC be in good standing? […]

Getting Paid: 12 Points to Consider To Improve Your Collection Efforts

You are better off with no customer than with a customer who will not pay! […]